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Holding Tree

Tree care tips & techniques 

Human beings and new born babies, every newly planted tree requires a certain amount of attention and care so that it grows up and flourishes. Within 3 years of a tree being planted, regular water and care are required for it to reach its full potential. In absentia of such care, a tree may not grow up to be what it could have and also perishes faster to threats like pests or rotting diseases. There are few steps to save time and also care properly for a newly planted tree and can be adopted by anybody.

3 step rule:  watering, mulching and protecting a tree are extremely important and at least 25 gallons of water should be given off to the tree every week which would mean that it receives about 1.5 inches of naturally occurring rain. The hose pipe can be turned on low for half an hour at the base of the tree and a five-gallon bucket should be placed with holes in the bottom in the same position.  This bucket should be refilled so that the tree this is water for 5 days a week and this way. Or 25-gallon slow releasing bag of water should be filled every week and used for the tree.

Mulching should be done seasonally and the soil must be kept moist which also controls weed growth. Leaf compost must be used and the 333 rule should be applied wherein 3 inches of mulch in a 3-foot ring should be spread over a space of 3 inches around the tree. Volcano mulching should be avoided as much as possible.

Devices and forces which hamper the growth of trees should be kept away.  A trunk guard should be used at the base of the tree. This goes a long way in ensuring that the nutrient and water system is not cut.  Rodents and other small animals which may end up hampering and damaging trees will also be prevented by using this method. Fencing against deer and other grazing animals should be installed.


Proper pruning should be done: clean and sharp tools must be used which are sanitized before every pruning session. The pruning should be done to the bud, main trunk or a lateral branch.  Stubs should not be left and large limbs should be cut using the three cut method. Flush cuts should not be made while pruning the main stem. A cut around the raised branch collar is much more suitable as the caller contains bacteria which protect against pathogens.

Myths to be avoided:  

Dressing of wound is advised sometime but that would lead to damage in the formation of woundwood. It might help sometimes to prevent entry of pathogens.

The final cut while removing a branch from a tree should be a flush cut.

Tree topic is anything but the best way of pruning a tree.

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